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  • BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – 4 years
  • BA (Performing Arts) – 4 years

Career Prospects

Career Prospects
Acting IndustryDancing & Choreography Industry
Music & Composition IndustryEntertainment industry
Talent/Celebrity Management BusinessSculpting


  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theatre

Colleges with Admissions Based on Entrance Exams

Colleges with Admission Based on Entrance Exams
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christuniversity. in BA in Performing Arts Time: 2 Hours

Mode: Pen and Paper

Skill Demo on Stage Written Skill, Communication Skill, Logical SkillNAForms Out: Oct. / Nov. Last Date: Dec. / Jan. Test: April

Negative Marking:+ 4 / -1

Marks: 200

Forms Available: Online

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