NCERT English Class 10 Chapter 12 Bholi CBSE Board Sample Problems Long Answer

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Bholi chose a dignified life of service rather than surrendering herself to a greedy old man for the rest of her life. Education provides the required stimulus to overcome one’s personal barriers. Explain the role of education in shaping the life of a child with respect to the lesson ‘Bholi’.


  • Education is the answer to all social ills.

  • Illiteracy and ignorance bring nothing but poverty, suffering and misery.

  • Bholi lacks confidence initially because of her disabilities.

  • She is silent, timid and weak in mind. Her ugliness and her stammer do not let her progress. She is afraid to speak as others make fun of her.

  • School changes her life completely.

  • It opens a new world of hope for her.

  • Her teacher treats her with love and kindness.

  • Her affection and support help Bholi to have faith in herself.

  • She studies and grows into a confident young woman.

  • She knows her rights and she asserts them as well.

  • She refuses to marry a man who demands dowry.

  • Thus, being educated changes the life of Bholi.