NCERT English Class 10 Chapter 13 The Book That Saved the Earth CBSE Board Sample Problems Long Answer

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Compare and contrast the characters of Noodle and Think Tank.


  • Noodle and Think-Tank have contrasting characters.

  • Think-Tank likes to be called the ‘Great and the Mighty’.

  • He orders and commands. He is the ruler of Mars, but has no intelligence.

  • He thinks books to be sandwiches.

  • He is wrong about everything. He demands that the crew obey him.

  • He likes to pass on other’s idea as his own. He is a coward who simply boasts about his power.

  • Noodle, his apprentice, is very clever and wise. He corrects the mistakes of the ruler (Think-Tank) very gently.

  • He never takes credit for his ideas. But he offers them to the ruler very gently.

  • Think-Tank makes them as his own.


Noodle hails Think-Tank as the most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe. Do you agree? Write your opinion of Think-Tank citing instances from the given text.


  • Noodle is a trainee under Think-Tank. He bows before him and hails his ruler as the most powerful and intelligent creature in the universe.

  • However, Think-Tank is not really intelligent. He misinterprets the nursery rhymes completely. ‘Silver’, ‘shells’ and ‘garden’ for him mean that the earthlings are growing metals in farms.

  • He thinks books to be sandwiches and wants the crew to eat them.

  • When he read out the nursery rhyme which says, ‘Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall’ he is terrified and plans his escape from Mars Thus, Think-Tank is nothing more than a show off and a pompous fool.