NCERT English Class 10 Chapter 17 The Thief's Story CBSE Board Sample Problems Long Answer

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Han Singh didn’t board the express and returned to Anil. Why did he return? On what values does this incidence put light on?


  • Han Singh was a thief and he had stolen Anil’s money. After the theft, he realized that he had robbed not only Anil but also himself of the chance of being literate and having a bright future. His conscience pricked him to think what all he could have got had he not done this. It was difficult for him to rob

  • Anil but it was tougher for him not to back. He realized that he could not make tea, buy daily supplies and learn how to read and write then. His inner self did not agree to bypass this and forced him to return.

  • Han’s return to Anil shows that despite indulging in criminal acts, he still had a practical and positive attitude towards life. It is the awakening of Han’s conscience and Anil’s love and care that reformed Han’s character.

  • It teaches us that love alone can change a person. Anil’s understanding nature and care changed Han’s thinking to mend his ways for good.


Money can’t make a man as much as education can. Elucidate the statement.


  • The statement stands true in almost all the aspects of life.

  • Money may buy us all the luxuries and fulfil our needs but it cannot buy us knowledge, civilized thinking, skills and abilities to achieve our dreams. Education lays the platform for all to act upon our goals according to our abilities.

  • Education enables us to keep up with the fast moving world. It opens the door to opportunities we do not know even exist. Money, on the other hand, can assist us to a certain level. It can buy us a plan but education gives us the knowledge of its execution.

  • Just as in the story ‘A Thief s Story’, Han Singh prioritized the chance of being literate over a few hundred rupees, we must understand that education can help us to achieve whatever we desire.