NCERT English Class 10 Chapter 20 Footprints without Feet CBSE Board Sample Problems Long Answer

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What impression do you form of Griffin after reading the lesson, “Footprints without Feet”?


  • Griffin was a brilliant scientist, as he discovered a drug due to which his body became transparent as a sheet of glass after swallowing it.

  • This made him invisible. But he was a lawless person. Because of his misdeeds, he became a homeless wanderer without clothes and money. He was an introvert with a desire for solitude.

  • He was always seeking adventure, being fond of mysterious things. However, he was unscrupulous, as he robbed various people to finance his work, besides he got angry very quickly, which caused him to become a fugitive.


Griffin was not a true scientist as he misused his scientific discovery. Illustrate this point by giving two incidents from the story.


  • A true scientist is a law-abiding person.

  • A scientist is also called a ‘natural philosopher’. Griffin was not a true scientist as he did not use his discovery of how to make himself invisible for good uses. He lost control of himself and behaved like a criminal.

  • First, he set fire to his landlord’s house and ran away.

  • Then he stole food without paying for it in a London store. Besides, he robbed the owner of a theatrical company and stole money from a clergyman’s desk.