CBSE Class 10-Mathematics: Chapter – 12 Areas Related to Circles Part 17 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Question 5:

The perimeter of a sector of a circle of radius is . Calculate:

(i) The length of arc of the sector in .

(ii) The area of the sector in correct to the nearest

The Centre of a Circle of Radius


Let be the centre of a circle of radius and be the given sector with perimeter .



(i) Length of arc

(ii) Area of sector

Area of sector correct to nearest

Question 6:

Find the area of shaded region in the given figure where ABCD is a square of side and semi-circles are drawn with each side of square as diameter.

Find the Area of Shaded Region


Area of region area of ABCD area of semicircles of each radius

Similarly, area of III area of IV

Area of region I, II, III, and IV

Thus, area of shaded region Area ABCD – Area of (I, II, III, IV)

Question 7:

Find the area of the shaded region where a circular arc of radius 6 cm has been drawn with vertex O of an equilateral triangle OAB of side as centre.

Area of Shaded Region


Area of shaded region

Area of major sector Area of equilateral