CBSE Class 10-Mathematics: Chapter – 12 Areas Related to Circles Part 26 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Question 4:

In given figure, two circular flower beds have been shown on two sides of a square lawn ABCD of side . If the corner of each circular flower bed is the point of enter section O of the diagonals of the square lawn. Find the sum of the areas of the lawn and the flower beds.

Area of the Square


Area of the square lawn

Let meter

By Pythagoras theorem,

Again, area of sector

[From (ii) ]

Also, area of

[Here, .] Since square ABCD is divided into 4 right triangles]

Area of flowerbed

Similarly, area of the other flowerbed

Total area of the lawn and the flowerbeds

Question 5:

An elastic belt is placed round the rein of a pulley of radius . One point on the belt is pulled directly away from the center of the pulley until it is at , from . Find the length of the best that is in contact with the rim of the pulley. Also find the shaded area.

Find the Shaded Area


Length of the belt that is in contact with the rim of the pulley

Circumference of the rim – length of arc

Now, area of sector

Area of Quadrilateral

Area of quadrilateral OAPB

Hence, shaded area