CBSE Class 10-Mathematics: Chapter –4 Quadratic Equations Part 25

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Question 11:

A factory kept increasing its output by the same percent ago every year. Find the percentage if it is known that the output is doubled in the last two years.


According to question,

Question 12:

Two pipes running together can fill a cistern in minutes. if one pipe takes minutes more than the other to fill it, find the time in which each pipe would fill the cistern.


Let the faster pipe takes minutes to fill the cistern and the slower pipe will take minutes.

According to question,

Question 13:

If the roots of the equation are equal, prove that


For equal root s,

Question 14:

Two circles touch internally. The sum of their areas is and the distance between their centers is . Find the radii of the circles.


Let be the radius of two circles

According to question,

Que-14-Che-4-Two circles touch internally

Two Circles Touch Internally

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Put the value of in eq. …(i)