CBSE Class 10-Mathematics: Chapter –4 Quadratic Equations Part 4

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Question 11:

A pole has to be erected at a point on the boundary of a circular park of diameter in such a way that the differences of its distance from two diametrically opposite fixed gates A & B on the boundary in . Is it possible to do so? If answer is yes at what distances from the two gates should the pole be erected.


Ques-11-The two gates should the pole be erected

The Two Gates Should the Pole be Erected

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Pole has to be erected at a distance of from gate B & 12m from gate A.

Question 12:

If the roots of the equation are equal. Prove that .


Question 13:

are centers of circles of radius and . Z is the centre of a circle of radius , which touches the above circles externally. Given that , write an equation in and solve it for .


Let be the radius of the third circle

Centers of circles of radius

Centers of Circles of Radius

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Level – 01 (01 Marks)

Question 1:

Check whether the following are quadratic equation or not




i. yes, quadratic equation

ii. Not, quadratic equation

Question 2:

Solve by factorization method


Question 3:

Find the discriminant