CBSE Class 10-Mathematics: Chapter –5 Arithmetic Progressions Part 2

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Question 6:

Find the sum of all 3-digit numbers which leave remainder 3 when divided by


Question 7:

Find the value of if are consecutive terms of an AP.



Question 8:

Raghav buys a shop for Rs. . He pays half the balance of the amount in cash and agrees to pay the balance in 12 annual installments of Rs. each. If the rate of interest is and he pays with the installment the interest due for the unpaid amount. Find the total cost of the shop.


Amount of I installment

II installment

III installment


Cost of shop

Question 9

Prove that


Add 1 & 2

Hence proved

Question 10:

If the roots of the equation are equal show that a, b, b, c are in AP.


Refer sum No. 12 of Q.E.

If have equal root

Proceed as in sum No. 13 of Q.E. to get