NCERT Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas Related to Circles CBSE Board Sample Problems Multiple Choice Question

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The diameter of a circle whose area is equal to the sum of the area of the two circles of radii 24cm and 7cm is

1. 31cm

2. 25cm

3. 62cm

4. 50cm


The radius of a circle is cm, then the area of the circle is


If perimeter of a circle is equal to that of the square then the ratio of their area is

1. 22:7

2. 14:11

3. 7:22

4. 11:14


The circumference of circle is 1 54m, then radius is

1. 7m

2. 14m

3. 7.5

4. None of these


If the sum of circumferences of two circles with radii R1 and R2 is equal to the circumference of the circle of radius R then

4. None of The Above


The circumference of a circular field is 528 cm. Then its radius is

1. 42cm

2. 84cm

3. 72cm

4. 56cm


The area of in circle of an equilateral triangle is . The perimeter of the triangle is

1. 71.5cm

2. 71.7cm

3. 72.3cm

4. 72.6cm


The radius of a bicycle wheel ยกs 14cm. The distance covered by the wheel after making 50 complete rotation is

1. 88cm

2. 2200 cm

3. 440 cm

4. 4400 cm