NCERT Class 10 Chapter 13 Probability CBSE Board Sample Problems Multiple Choice Question

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A number is chosen at random from the numbers. Then the probability that square of this number is less than or equal to 1 is


The probability that a leap year will have 53 Fridays or 53 Saturdays is

1. 0


One card ¡s drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. The probability that it ¡s black queen is


Probability that tomorrow will be holiday is 0.58. Probability that tomorrow will not be a holiday is

1. 0.42

2. 0.58

3. 1

4. 1.58


Which of the following cannot be the probability of an event?

1. 0.7

2. 0

3. 1.2

4. 18%


The probability of getting a rotten orange ¡n a lot of 400 is 0.035.The number of rotten oranges in the lot is:

1. 7

2. 14

3. 21

4. 28