NCERT Class 10 Mathematics Arithmetic Progression Worksheet 2 CBSE Board Sample Problems (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Arithmetic Progression Worksheet 2

Question 1

For what value of a, are (2a-l) , 7 and 3a three consecutive terms of an A. P?

Answer: (a = 3)

Question 2

How many multiples of 4 lie between 10 and 250?

Answer: 60

Question 3

Find the value of p, so that are in A. P

Answer: (p =-4)

Question 4

If , the sum of first n terms of an A. P is given by

then find its nth term

Answer: (6n-7)

Question 5

Find the value of the middle most term (s) of the AP

Answer: 17,21

Question 6

Solve the equation:

Answer: 40

Question 7

Find the sum of the following A. P:

Answer: (10000)

Question 8

The 4th term of an A. P is equal to 3 times the first term and the 7th term exceeds twice the 3rd term by 1. Find the A. P

Answer: (3,5, 7, …)

Question 9

The sum of n terms of an A. P. is . Find the A. P. Hence, find its 16th term

Answer: (6n + 2,98)

Question 10

The angles of a triangle are in A. P, the last being half the greatest. Find the angles