NCERT Class 11 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 16 – Probability Miscellaneous Exercise Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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In Image Combination Formula is Shown

1. In a certain lottery, tickets are sold and ten equal prizes are awarded. What is the probability of not getting a prize if you buy:

(a) one ticket

(b) two tickets

(c) 10 tickets?


Total number of tickets sold

Number prizes awarded

Answer: (i)

If we buy one ticket, then

(getting a prize)

P (not getting a prize)

Answer: (ii)

If we buy two tickets, then

Number of tickets not awarded

P (not getting a prize)

Answer: (iii)

If we buy tickets, then

(not getting a prize)

2. Out of students, two sections of are formed. If you and your friend are among the students, what is the probability that

(a) you both enter the same sections?

(b) you both enter the different sections?

Answer: (i)

My friend and I are among the students.

Total number of ways of selecting students out of students

Answer: (a)

The two of us will enter the same section if both of us are among students or among students.

Number of ways in which both of us enter the same section

Probability that both of us enter the same section

Answer: (b)

(we enter different sections)

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