Assignment Class 6 for Whole Numbers 2 Questions and Answers Paper (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 1

Short question

1. Write down the smallest natural number.

2. Write down the smallest whole number.

3. Write down, if possible largest whole no.

4. Are all natural numbers also whole numbers?

5. Are whole numbers also natural numbers?

6. The numbers which we use for counting are known

7. Which Natural number does not predecessor

8. The smallest 6- digit number that can be formed by the digits 7, 6, 0,5, 8,0 is a

9. The least Natural Number is

10. Three consecutive predecessors of 60010 are

11. The product of two odd Number and an odd number is a

12. Product of an even number and an odd number is




3. Not possible

4. True

5. False

6. Naturals numbers




10.60009,60008, 60006

11. Odd number

12. Even number

Question 2

State True or False

1) Every whole no. has its successor.

2) 0 is the smallest natural number.

3) Between any two whole numbers, there is a whole no.

4) The sum of whole numbers is always a whole number.

5) The difference of two whole numbers is always a whole number

6) The predecessor of a two-digit number is always a two-digit number.

7) Sum of two odd numbers is always odd.

8) Every whole number has its predecessor.


1) False

2) False

3) False

4) True

5) False

6) False

7) False

8) False

Question 3

Sachin bought 4 packs of white T-shirts and 5 packs of blue T- shirts for his football team. Both T-shirts come in the pack of 12. How many T- shirts did Sachin buy in all?

Answer: 108

Question 4

On Nov 21,27 adults visited an amusement park. On Nov 22,23 adults visited the amusement park. The entrance fee for the adults is ₹ 100. How much amount is collected from the adult in these two days?

Answer: 3000

Question 5

Solve these using suitable arrangement and properties







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