Test Paper-Integers Class 7 Important of Question Exam Paper (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 1: What is the value of

Question 2: What should be subtracted from to obtain ?

Question 3: The temperature of a city is . Next day the temperature falls by . What is the temperature of the city next day?

Question 4

Fill In the blank

i. Sum of integer and its additive inverse is …

ii. Sum of and 44 is …


iv … Is absolute value of -998

Question 5 Mark the correct option

Sum of two negative numbers is always





Which property is reflected in this equation?





Question 6: A divers descends 20 feet in the water from the boat at the surface of a lake. He then rose 12 feet and descends another 18 feet. At this point what is his depth in water?

Question 7: Verify for the following values of ‘a’ and ‘b’



Question 8: write down the pair of integers whose

a. Sum is-4

b. Sum is 0

c. Difference is 2

d. Difference is-6

Question 9: Verify the following



Question 10 Evaluate






Question 11: The price if a stock decreases ₹ 45 per day for four consecutive days. What was the total change in value f the stock over 4 day period?

Question 12: A group of hikers is descending the mountain at a rate of 600 feet per hour. What is the change in elevation of hiker after 6 hours?

Question 13: An elevator descends into a mine shaft at the rate of 6 m/min. If the decent starts from 10 m above the ground level, how long will it take to reach- 350m.

Question 14: In a test () marks are given for every correct answer and () marks are given for every incorrect answer.

i. Radhika answered all the questions and scored 30 marks and get 10 correct answers

ii. Jay also answered all the questions and scored (-12) marks though he got 4 correct answers

How many incorrect answers had they attempted?

Question 15: In a test () marks are given for every correct answer and () marks are given for every incorrect answer and 0 for answer not attempted. Ram gets 3 correct and 4 incorrect out of 7 questions he attempted. What is his score?

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