NCERT Class 7 Mathematics Model Paper 1 Questions and Answers Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Q. 11 - 15 fill in the blanks.

11. If product of two fractions is 1, then either of them is the ________ of the other.

Ans: Reciprocal

12.2 m 15 cm in meters is equal to ________.

Ans: 2.15 m

13. The integer________ is neither positive nor negative.

Ans: ‘0’

14. The two faces of a solid meet to form an ________.

Ans: Edge

15. If , then the value of x is ________.

Ans: 48

Q. 16 - 20 answer the following:

16. Write standard form of rational number .


17. Evaluate .


18. Find the ratio of 4 days to 60 hours.

Ans: 4 days: 60 hours

hrs: 60 hrs

19. How many lines of symmetry does an equilateral triangle have?

Ans: 3

Equilateral Triangle

20. Identify the type of algebraic expression and state the degree of .

Ans: Binomial, degree = 8


21. What cross-section is obtained when we do a vertical cut to following solids?

(i) Brick

(ii) Ice-cream cone

(iii) A die


Vertical Cut to Solids
Vertical Cut to Solids
Vertical Cut to Solids

22. If and , find ?


23. Construct in which cm and hypotenuse cm.

Ans: Steps of construction

Steps of Construction

(1) Draw a line segment .

(2) At point R, draw an angle of with the help of compass i.e..

(3) Taking Q as a center, draw an arc of radius 8 cm which cuts XR at point P.

(4) Join PQ.

It is the required right angled .