NCERT Class 7 Mathematics Model Paper 2 Questions and Answers Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Q. 11 - 15 Fill in the blanks.

11. If and then by congruence condition ________.

Ans: ASA

12.125 % converted to decimals is ________.

Ans: 1.25

13. Krish scored full 100 marks in final mathematics examination. The range of the class is 40. The lowest marks in the class are ________.

Ans: 60

14. Circumference of a circle is ________ times diameter.

Ans: Or

15. The value of the expression is ________. OR Every positive rational number is ________ than a negative rational number.


1 OR Greater

16. Sunil is 48 years old; he is 7 years less than 5 times his daughter՚s age. What is his daughter՚s age?


Let the daughter՚s age be x ATQ,

Ans: Daughter՚s age is 11 years.

17. The number of edges in the given solid is

The Number of Edges

Ans: Number of edges = 18

18. How many lines of symmetry does a rectangle has?

Ans: 2

19. Find value of expression for .


20. is equal to:

Ans: 1

Section – B

21. Subtract the sum of and from the sum of and .



(i) What should be taken away from to obtain ?

(ii) If p = , find the value of ?





22. Find the value of x





Since, bases are same power must be same



Ans: (ii)