NCERT Class 7 Mathematics Model Paper 2 Questions and Answers Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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23. (i) Represent on number line.

(ii) Write two rational numbers between and 3.



Two Rational Numbers

(ii) Two rational number between and 3 first rational number and second rational number

24. Amina buys a book for ₹ 275 and sells it at a loss of 15 % . What is the selling price of book?


C. P = ₹ 275

Loss %=

S. P

S. P of a Book

25. Name any two letters of the English alphabet which have no line of symmetry. Draw lines of symmetry in letter D and X.

S, F have no line of symmetry

Name of the 2 Letters

26. Write the following in descending order





L. C. M of 7,7, 2,4 = 28

Making the denominator same

Descending order



L. C. M of 5,5, 3 and

Making denominator same

Descending order


Section – C

27. A bag contains 4 black socks, 6 brown socks and 2 red socks. Suppose one sock is drawn from the bag and the event of drawing a sock is equally likely. Find probability


Total socks = 12 socks

(i) P (the socks are black)

(ii) P (the sock is either black or red)

(iii) P (the sock is green) = 0

(iv) P (the sock is not green)


(i) Divide by

(ii) What should be added to to obtain ?



The Quotient

Quotient and remainder

(ii) Let p be added

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