NCERT Class 7 Mathematics Model Paper 2 Questions and Answers Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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29. Construct a XYZ if it is given that , and write steps of construction also.


Construct a XYZ


1. Draw of length 5 cm.

2. At X draw a ray making an angle of with XY.

3. At Y draw a ray making an angle of with YX.

4. Name the point of intersection of XP and as Z.

5. is the required triangle.

30. Simplify












(i) What should be added to to get .

(ii) Subtract the sum of and from 10.


(i) Let ‘k’ be added to

(ii) Sum of and


32. Out of her total monthly income, Mrs. Saxena spends 30 % on house rent and 60 % of the rest on household expenses. If she saves ₹ 6300 per month, what is her total monthly income?


(i) Chalk contains calcium, carbon, and oxygen in the ratio 10: 3: 12. Find the percentage of calcium in chalk.

(ii) If in a stick of chalk, carbon is 5 g, what is the mass of chalk stick?


Let the total monthly income be ₹ x

So, Amount spent on house rent = 30 % of

Remaining amount left

Amount of money spent on household

Expenses = 60 % of

Now, remaining income left

Since, she saves ₹ 6300


Monthly income


(i) Given ratio

Total part

Part of Calcium

Percentage of calcium part in chalk

(ii) Quantity of Carbon in chalk stick = 3 g

Let the weight of chalk be x g.

Part of Carbon

Percentage of carbon part in chalk

Then, 12 % of

Hence the weight of chalk stick is 25 g.