NCERT Class 7 Mathematics Model Paper 2 Questions and Answers Part 5 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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33. A horse is tied with a rope in the center of a square lawn of size 20 cm. If the length of rope is 7 cm. Find the area of the lawn which the horse can graze. Also, find the unglazed area of the lawn.


A rectangular lawn has two roads each 20 m wide running in the middle of it, one parallel to the length and other parallel to the breadth. Find the cost of gravelling them at ₹ 1.20 per sq. meter.


Area of the Lawn

Area of the lawn which the horse can graze

Area of the lawn which is ungrazed = Area of square lawn – Area of lawn which horse can graze i.e.


Area of Roads

Area of roads

Cost of gravelling

34. Find the line of symmetry in

(i) Parallelogram

(ii) Regular octagon

(iii) Isosceles triangle

Ans: (i) 0

(ii) 8

(iii) 1

Section – D

35. Construct a right-angled triangle ABC, right angled at B, and .


Construct a Right-Angled Triangle

Steps of construction:

1. Draw a line segment

2. Construct a angle at point B, .

3. Take another radius = 10 cm and cut an arc taking C as the center and which cuts XB at A.

4. Join AC. is the required right angle .

36.12 workers working 8 hours a day complete the work in 16 days. In how many days will 16 workers working for 18 hours a day complete that work?


₹ 7000 is borrowed at 3.5 % rate of interest per annum for 2 years. Find the amount to be paid at the end of second year.




P = ₹


Amount = P + S. I.

= ₹ 7000 + ₹ 490

= ₹ 7490