Assignment Class 8 on Square Roots Questions and Answers Paper Exam

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Question 1

Find the square root of each of the following numbers by using the method of prime factorization:

(a) 121

(b) 441

(c) 625

(d) 729

(e) 1521

(f) 2025

(g) 4096

(h) 5776

(i) 8100

(j) 9216

(k) 11236

(l) 15876

(m) 18496

Question 2

Find the smallest number by which following number must be multiplied to get a perfect square. Also, find the square root of the perfect square so obtained.

(a) 1008

(b) 1280

(c) 1875

Question 3

676 students are to be sit in a hall such a way that each row contains as many students as the number of rows. Find the number of rows and the number of students in each row.

Question 4

What could be the possible ‘one’s digits of the square root of each of the following numbers?

(i) 1801

(ii) 856

(iii) 1008001

(iv) 6577525


1 and 9

Explanation: Since and give 1 at unit’s place, so these are the possible values of unit digit of the square root.

4 and 6

Explanation : Since, and , hence, 4 and 6 are possible digits

1 and 9


Explanation : Since, , hence 5 is possible.

Question 5

The students of a class arranged a gift for the class teacher. Each student contributed as many rupees as the number in the class. If the total contribution is Rs 1521. Find the strength of the class.

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