CBSE Class 11-Physics: Motion in One Plane Assignment 2: Questions (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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A particle moves North East and reach position A and then moves 3 Km South East to reach the position B. Let assume the initial point has co-ordinates . And Co-ordinates of the position A and B are



Also, i and j are the unit vector across the and direction Find out the following

a. Find out the co-ordinates of Position A and B

b. Find out the distance of point B from the Origin

c. Find out the position vector of point A and B

Question 2:

An object is fired upward at an angle to the horizontal. The object is fired with an initial speed of .

Find out the following

a. How high up will it strike a wall which is away

b. How much time it will take to strike the wall

c. What are the horizontal and vertical components of velocity when it strikes the wall

Question 3:

The position of a particle is given by the below equation

a) Find out the trajectory of the particle

b) Find out the velocity and acceleration vector and the relation between the acceleration and position vector.

c) Find out the times when velocity becomes maximum and minimum.

d) Find out the time dependence of the angle between velocity and acceleration vector

e) Find the angle at and

Question 4:

A ball is thrown upward from a point on the side of a hill which slopes upward uniformly at an angle . Intial Velocity of the ball is and it is thrown at an angle with respect to horizontal.

a) Find out the range along the slope of the hill

b) Find out the Time period of the Projectile

c) What height above the point , ball strike the incline plane

d) What velocity does the ball strike the plane

Question 5

A particle moves in the plane with velocity given by , where and are the unit vectors of the and axis and a and b are constants. At the initial moment of time the particle was located at point . Find

(a) The equation of particle՚s trajectory

(b) The curvature radius of trajectory as a function of .