CBSE Class 11-Physics: Thermodynamics Tutorial-II: Isobaric Process

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Isobaric Process

A process taking place at constant pressure is called isobaric process.

1) Work done


A process taking place at constant pressure

A Process Taking Place at Constant Pressure

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Isochoric Process

  • In an isochoric process volume of the system remain uncharged throughout i.e. .

  • When volume does not change no work is done; and therefore from first law

All the heat given to the system has been used to increase the internal energy of the system.

Isochoric Process

Isochoric Process

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How to Solve the Thermodynamics Problems

  • Define the system you are dealing with and isolate it from surrounding

  • Apply the first law of thermodynamics to the processes undergone by the system

  • Remember the various thermodynamics processes explained earlier.

  • Make sure to use same units for Heat and work to have in the first law of thermodynamics

  • Remember the sign of Heat and Work. Heat given is and heat taken is . Similarly, Work done by the system and Work done on the system is