NCERT Class 10 Physics Assignments for Life Processes Respiration Board Sample Problems (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Question 1

Why do organisms need food?

Question 2

How does food yield energy?

Question 3

What is respiration?

Question 4

What is a respiratory substrate?

Question 5

Name a few respiratory substrates. Which of them is most commonly used ′ ?

Question 6

Give the general equation for respiration.

Question 7

What are the stages of respiration?

Question 8

What is the respiratory surface?

Question 9

What are the characteristics of an ideal respiratory surface?

Question 10

How does gaseous exchange take place in the lower plants?

Question 11

Which part of a plant is involved in the gaseous exchange?

Question 12

How does gaseous exchange take place in the leaves?

Question 13

What are lenticels?

Question 14

What are pneumatophores?

Question 15

How does exchange of gases take place in fish ′ ?

Question 16

From where do the fish obtain their oxygen supply?

Question 17

What is operculum?

Question 18

Describe inspiration and expiration in fish.

Question 19

Which are the Respiratory organs in man?

Question 20

Where are the lungs in man situated ′ ?

Question 21

Describe the structure of the lungs.

Question 22

Name the various parts of the respiratory tract?

Question 23

Write a brief note about the nasal cavity.

Question 24

What are the functions of the pharynx?

Question 25

What is the significance of respiration?

Question 26

Write short notes on trachea.

Question 27

How do the trachea and bronchi keep the respiratory tract healthy?

Question 28

How does exchange of gases take place in the alveoli?

Question 29

What is oxyhemoglobins and how is it formed?

Question 30

How does carbon dioxide get transported in the blood ′ ?

Question 31

What is inspiration?

Question 32

What is expiration?

Question 33

Define the terms

(a) Lungs capacity

(b) Vital capacity

Question 34

Define the terms:

(a) Inspiratory reserve Volume

(b) Expiratory reserve volume

Question 35

What is breathing?

Question 36

Breathing and respiration are not synonymous. Why?

Question 37

What is cellular respiration?

Question 38

What are the major steps of cellular respiration?

Question 39

What is anaerobic respiration?

Question 40

Name two anaerobic.

Question 41

Where do you find anaerobic respiration in animals?

Question 42

What are the types of anaerobic respiration?

Question 43

Which type of respiration is more efficient- aerobic or anaerobic ′ ? Why?

Question 44

What are the uses of fermentation?