NCERT Class 10 Science Test Unsolved CBSE Board Sample Problems (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Class 10th (Science Test Unsolved)

Here we present the practice test papers for class 10, which are unsolved, and you can use these for both your FA and SA accordingly as per the syllabus of your term

Paper 1

1) Draw the structure for the following compounds- (1 0)

(i) 2-methyipropane

(ii) Hexanal

(iii) Pentanone

(iv) Chlorobutane

(v) Cyclopentaiite

2) Draw the electron clot structures of- (8)

(i) Nitro2en molecule

(ii) Ethanoic acid

(ii) Hydrogen suiphide

(iv) Sulpher molecule

3) Explain the nature of the covalent bond using the bond formation in ? (2)

4) What are isomers? How many isomers can you draw for hexane? Draw the three isomers?

(1 + 1 + 3)

5) What are homologous series? Writes its properties? (2 + 2)

6) Write the fourth and sixth members of the homologues series of ketone? (1 + 1)

7) What are allotropes? Write the structural comparison between three allotropes of carbon with their uses? (2 + 3)

Paper 2

1. Write the difference between asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction? (3 marks)

2. How does (i) amoeba and (ii) Rhizopus reproduce? (2 + 2)

3. What is meant by vegetative reproduction ′ ? Write its advantage? (2 + 2)

4. Define with example- (2 + 2 + 2)

(i) Regeneration

(ii) Grafting

(iii) Multiple fission

5. How does fission differ from fragmentation? (1)

6. Why multicellular complex organism cannot reproduce by regeration? (2)

7. What is tissue culture? What type of plants are being produced increasingly by this method/write its advantage ′ ? (2 + 1 + 2)

8. Draw diagram to show reproduction in amoeba and yeast? (5)

9. Draw a flow chart to show all types of reproduction with example? (3)

10. Why is variation beneficial to the species but not necessarily for the individual? (2)

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