NCERT Science Class 10 Chapter 15 Sources of Energy CBSE Board Sample Problems Multiple Choice Question (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Which of the following is not a bio mass energy source?

1. Gobar gas

2. Coal

3. Wood

4. Nuclear energy


Radiations which are harmful to the living organisms are

1. Infrared radiation.

2. Ultraviolet radiations

3. Visible radiation.

4. Micro waves


A solar cooker may not cook food if.

1. Interior of the box and the container of food are perfectly shining.

2. Glass sheet over the box is not closed.

3. Solar cooker is placed in the shade.

4. All the above.


To produce biogas in a biogas plant, we need

1. Air but not water

2. Water but not air

3. Air and water

4. Neither air nor water


Is a Greenhouse gas.

1. Oxygen

2. Carbon dioxide

3. Sulphur dioxide

4. Hydrogen


Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?

1. Coal

2. Natural gas

3. Wind

4. Petrol


Source of vast energy of the Sun is

1. Nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium along with release of energy

2. Nuclear fission of uranium nuclei along with release of energy

3. Combustion of fossil fuels leading to release of energy

4. Both fission as well as fusion processes taking place simultaneously


In a gobar gas plant bio-gas is produced from slurry of bio-mass by

1. Fractional distillation

2. Chemical decomposition in the presence of air

3. Anaerobic decomposition

4. Fermentation on heating


Which material is used to design solar cells?

1. Silicon

2. Silver

3. Carbon

4. Aluminium


Which of the following is normally used in solar cookers for trapping solar energy?

1. Solar panels

2. Silicon cells

3. Mirrors

4. All of the above


Which is the most popular kitchen fuel in India?

1. LPG

2. Kerosene

3. Coal

4. Firewood


Which method is used to produce electricity in hydroelectric power plant?

1. By boiling the water to produce steam

2. By ionizing water

3. By running dynamo by kinetic energy

4. Any of the above


Geothermal energy is feasible in the regions that:

1. Are near to sea

2. Are over hot spots in the crust

3. Have coal mines

4. Have thermal plants


Greenhouse gas is:

1. Oxygen

2. Carbon Dioxide

3. Helium

4. Hydrogen