NCERT Class 4 Science Solutions Components of Food Part 2

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Match Nutrient with Images

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Nutrient sources

Nutrient Sources

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Short Answer Question:

Q 1. What is balanced diet? Make a list of the food items you would select for your meal to have a balanced diet.

Answer: A dietary habit that contains all the types of nutrients and roughage which help us to strike a balance of all the requirements of a healthy diet and a healthy living and is called a balanced diet.

The items I would select for a meal will contain lentil, vegetables and green leaves, curd, egg, a bowl of rice or few pieces of bread and a bowl of fruits.

Q 2. Why should long distance runners carry glucose powder?

Answer: Energy drink or glucose powder contains carbohydrate and provide us instant energy. Thus, a long distance runner should carry glucose powder to gain energy whenever feels tired.