NCERT Class 4 Science Solutions How Do Plants Make Food (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Multiple Choices

Q 1. I live in the leaves of a plant. I give green colour to the leaves. Who am I?

a. Starch

b. Chlorophyll

c. Stomata

d. Iodine

Answer: b

Q 2. I am a green plant. I breathe in … while making food.

a. Oxygen

b. Carbon dioxide

c. Nitrogen

d. Hydrogen

Answer: b

Q 3. I am the nose of a plant. Plants breathe in and breathe out through me. Who am I?

a. Veins

b. Chlorophyll

c. Petiole

d. Stomata

Answer: d

Q 4. Martin wanted to prove that leaves contain starch. But he got confused which solution he should add to the boiled leaf. Help him by selecting the correct solution that is used in starch test.

a. Sugar solution

b. Sulpher solution

c. Iodine solution

d. Saltwater solution

Answer: c

Q 5. Starch is stored in … of a plant.

a. Roots

b. Fruits

c. Seeds

d. All of the above

Answer: d

Find whether TRUE or FALSE

1. During photosynthesis plants give out oxygen. True

2. Chlorophyll gives green colour to leaves but does not play any role in the process of photosynthesis. False

3. If the leaves turn brown on pouring a few drops of iodine, then it indicates the presence of starch. False

4. The Coloured leaves of crotons do not contain chlorophyll. False

5. In Cacti, Chlorophyll present in the stem helps the plant to prepare food. True

Label the following image

Parts of Leaf

Short Answer Question:

Q 1. What kind of food is prepared through photosynthesis? How is it used?


  • It is used –
    • To get energy
    • To grow, make flowers, fruits and seeds and
    • To repair damaged cells

Q 2. Can non-green plant prepare food? Justify your answer using examples.


  • Leaves of plants appear green due to a pigment called Chlorophyll. B
    • ut the other plants which have Coloured leaves do not mean that such plants do not have chlorophyll.
    • Plants having Coloured leaves contain other pigments hidden in chlorophyll.
    • Such plants can prepare their own food.
      • For example, Croton plants and Coleus Plant can prepare food though their leaves appear colorful.
    • However, some other non-green plants survive on parasitic mode of attaining nutrition.

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