NCERT Class 4 Science Solutions Interdependence of Living and Non Living Things (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Multiple Choices

Q 1. I am a green plant. I prepare my own food through the process called

a. Decomposition

b. Germination

c. Dispersal

d. Photosynthesis

Answer: d

Q 2. I am a green plant. I breathe in … during respiration.

a. Oxygen

b. Carbon dioxide

c. Nitrogen

d. Hydroge

Answer: a

Q 3. I am a tiny butterfly. I keep on moving from one flower to the other. In this way I help in

a. Germination

b. Dispersal

c. Photosynthesis

d. Pollination

Answer: d

Q 4. Peter kept a green plant in a dark room for a month. He poured water on it every day. After a month, (select the most appropriate answer)

a. The plant grew bigger

b. The plant started flowering

c. The plant regenerated and a sapling grew

d. The leaves of the plant became yellow and started falling

Answer: d

Q 5. Find the odd one out.

a. Giraffe

b. Goat

c. Wolf

d. Zebr

Answer: c

Find whether TRUE or FALSE

1. During photosynthesis plants give out oxygen. True

2. Animals are dependent on plants but plants are not dependent on animals. False

3. Chlorophyll gives green colour to leaves but does not play any role in the process of photosynthesis. False

4. Bacteria and Fungi are two decomposers. True

5. Water and air help in dispersal of seed. True

Select the correct words for the following images

Who Does What
Food Chain Roles

Short Answer Question:

Q 1. What is the role of decomposers in nature?


  • Decomposers are very important in nature.
    • Decomposers like bacteria and fungi present in soil help in breaking down organic matter like dead plants and animals.
    • It makes the soil fertile and helps in growth of plants.

Q 2. What do plant depend on to prepare food?


  • Plants use the following during the process of photosynthesis –
    • Sunlight
    • Carbon dioxide from air
    • Water from the soil

Q 3. How do animals depend on plants for survival? Justify your answer using examples


  • Animals are dependent on plants for food, shelter and balance of oxygen in air.
    • For example, herbivores such as deer, cow, goat, sheep, giraffe, zebra, etc. depend on plants for food. Carnivores like tiger, wolf, lion, leopard, etc. are indirectly dependent on plants as their prey are dependent on plants.
    • Many birds and insects live on trees. Squirrels, bees, sloths, monkeys, and varieties of birds depend on trees for shelter.
    • Plants release oxygen during the process of photosynthesis and both plants and animals use oxygen to breathe in during respiration.

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