Short Notes Food: Where Does It Come from, Different Type of Animals

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  • To prepare a food we need different kinds of ingredients like to cook vegetable curry we need different kinds of vegetables, salt, spices oil and so on

  • Plants and animals are the two sources of our food materials

  • Milk, egg, meat, chicken, fish, prawn, beef, pork etc. are the food products that we get from animals

  • Grain, cereals, vegetables and fruits comes from plants and plants products

  • We eat leafy vegetables fruits and some parts of plants like stem and roots.

  • Honey bees collect nectar from flowers, convert it into honey and store it in their hive. Flowers and their nectar may be available only for a part of year so, bees store their nectar for their use throughout the year

Different Type of Animals

Different Type of Animals


Animals which eat only plants and plant products are called herbivores. For example: Elephant, rabbit, horse, cow etc.


Animals which eat other animals are called carnivores. For example: lizard, Lion, tiger, crocodile etc.


These animals eat both plants and animals. For example: Dog, cat, crow, etc.