Assignment for Food: Where Does It Come from Questions and Answers Paper (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 1

State True or False

(a) Parrots eat only plant product

(b) Cereals, Fats and Oils are body building food

(c) All plants are edible

(d) Animals which eat both plants and animals are called carnivores

(e) Cooked food is tasty and healthy

(f) Honey is made from milk


a) True

b) False

c) False

d) True

e) True

f) False

Question 2

Fill in the Blank

1. The main source of our food is … and …

2. Bees store … in their beehive

3. A cow eats only plant products and so it is called a …

4. Pumpkin is the … of a plant which is used as vegetable

5. The edible plant part in spinach is the …

6. Tea is obtained from … of tea plant

7. Lion is a … animal

8. We eat … in onion plant


1. Plant and animal

2. Honey

3. Herbivore

4. Flower

5. Leave

6. Leave

7. Carnivore

8. Leave

Question 3:

Give two examples of each

Give Two Examples of Each
Plants whose roots are edible
Plants whose stem is edible
Plants whose flower is edible


Give Two Examples of Each
HerbivoresSheep Goat
OmnivoresHuman, bear
Plants whose roots are edibleCarrot, radish
Plants whose stem is edibleSugarcane, potato
carnivoresLion, tiger
ScavengersVulture, Jackal
Plants whose flower is edibleCauliflower, Pumpkin


Crossword Image


2 What food comprises of

3 Animals which eat only small animals

5 Cumin seed is a


1 Animals which eat only plants are called

4 Organisms which feed on dead plants, dead animals and rotten materials for their food

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