Assignment Class 6 for Fun with Magnets Questions and Answer Paper (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 1

State True or False

(a) Magnetism of a magnet is lost by hammering and heating

(b) Magnetite is a natural magnet

(c) A cylindrical magnet has only one pole

(d) Poled always exists in pair

(e) Like poled repel each other

(f) Opposite poled of magnet attract each other

(g) Wood is a non-magnetic Material

(h) Plastic is a magnetic Material

(i) If a bar magnet is out into four pieces along its length, then 4 N and 4 s will be formed


(a) True

(b) True

(c) False

(d) True

(e) True

(f) False

(g) True

(h) False

(i) True

Question 2:

Fill in the blanks

(1) … is a device used by pilots and navigators used to find the direction

(2) Nickel is a … Material

(3) Magnet are named after …

(4) Silver is … Material

(5) … is the surest test of Magnetism

(6) … type of magnet is used in cranes to lift heavy containers from ships.


1. Magnetic compass

2. Magnetic

3. Magnetite

4. Non Magnetic

5. Repulsion

6. Cylindrical Magnets

Question 3


Solve the below crossword

Solve the below Crossword


1 Like poles shows this property

3 This is the name for natural magnets

6 Place where magnets were discovered


2 It is a temporary magnet

4 Opposite pole shows this property

5 The end of the magnets are called


1. Greece

2. Magnetite

3. Repel

4. Attract

5. Poles

6. Electromagnets

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