Assignment for Getting to Know Plants Questions and Answers Paper

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Question 1

Which of the following is a not the function of root?

a) Absorbs water and animals from soil and transports to stem

b) Prevent soil Erosion

c) Provides support and fixes plant to the soil

d) Photosynthesis

e) Stores food

f) It holds the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits

Answer: d, f

Question 2

Two statement were made

Statement A: plant having fibrous root shows parallel venation

Statement B: plant having tap root shows reticulate venation

a) Statement A is true only

b) Statement B is true only

c) Statement A and B both are true

d) Neither of them is true

Answer: (c)

Question 3

Which of these term is not associated with flower?

a) Pistil

b) Sepals

c) Ovary

d) Anther and filament

e) Midrib

f) Stamens

Answer: (e)

Question 4

Tomato plant is a?

a) Shrub

b) Herb

c) Tree

d) None of these

Answer: (b)

Question 5

The food prepared by leaves is stored as?

a) Sugars

b) Proteins

c) Starch

d) Fats

Answer: (c)

Question 6

The raw materials used by plants for photosynthesis are

a) Carbon dioxide

b) Water

c) Green substance in the plant

d) Nitrogen

Answer: (a), (b) and (c)

Question 7

Which one of the following is the not the function of leaf normally?

a) Transportation

b) Transpiration

c) Respiration

d) Photosynthesis

Answer: (a)

Question 8

Match the column

Match the Column
Match the column

(P) The innermost part of the flower is called the

(X) ovules

(Q) Small bead like structure inside the ovary

(Y) Stamens

(R) This part of flower has filament and anther

(Z) pistol

Which of these are correct?

a) P- X, Q- Y, R- Z

b) P-Y, Q- X, R-Z

c) P- Z, Q- Y, R- X

d) P- Z, Q- X, R- Y

Answer: (d)

Question 9

Stomata help in-----------------

a) Respiration

b) Photo synthesis

c) Transpiration

d) All of the above

Answer: (d)

Question 10

The female reproductive part of the plant is

a) Pistil

b) Stamens

c) Anther

d) Filament

Answer: (a)

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