Nutrition in Plants Important Class 7 Questions Exam Paper

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Question 1: What are the component of food?

Question 2: What is nutrition?

Question 3: Why do plants and animals need nutrition?

Question 4: Write about autotrophs and autotrophic mode of nutrition? Give some example of autotrophs.

Question 5: Write about heterotrophs and heterotrophic mode of nutrition? Give some example of heterotrophs.

Question 6: What are Saprotrophs? Give some example of saptrotrophs.

Question 7: Explain the process of photosynthesis?

Question 8: What are the factors essentials for the photosynthesis to take place? What are the end products made after photosynthesis?

Question 9: What is chlorophyll and what is its function?

Question 10: What are stomata? Write about the function of stomata?

Question 11: How water is transported from soil to the leaves of plants?

Question 12: What are the nutrients other than carbohydrates which are required by plants?

Question 13: In which form do plants absorb nitrogen?

Question 14: How do plants absorb nutrients other than carbohydrates from the soil?

Question 15: What are parasitic plants? Give some example of parasitic plants.

Question 16: Write about the mode of nutrition in non-green plants?

Question 17: What is an insectivorous plant? Give an example of insectivorous plant?

Question 18: Write a brief note on how pitcher plants eat insects?

Question 19: What is Lichen?

Question 20: Give an example of symbiotic relationship.

Question 21 how do nutrients get replenished in the soil? Write a detailed answer.

Question 22: What is Rhizobium and how does Rhizobium help farmers?