Nutrition I Animals (Class 7) Questions and Answers Paper

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Very short answer type questions

Question 1: Where is water from undigested food absorbed in the body?

Question 2: Where is digested food absorbed in the body?

Question 3: Name the type of teeth which are for

i. Chewing and grinding food

ii. Piercing and tearing food

iii. Biting and cutting food

Question 4: Name the parts of Amoeba which help it is moving and capturing food.

Question 5: State whether the following statements are true or false

1. The tongue helps in mixing saliva with food.

2. Digestion of starch starts in stomach.

3. Amino acids provide energy to our body.

4. The blood takes digested food to all the cell of the body.

Short answer type Questions

Question 6:

What do you understand by term ‘assimilation’ in the process of digestion?

Question 7:

How is food ingested by Amoeba?

Question 8

What happens to food in stomach?


Where is saliva produced? Write about its main functions.

Question 10

How is the process of digestion different in ruminants?

Question 11

What is a gall bladder? What is its role?

Question 12

How do you differentiate between absorption and assimilation?

Question 13

Why do we get instant energy from glucose?

Long answer type Questions

Question 14

Briefly describe the process of nutrition in amoeba

Question 15

Write the functions of different types of teeth.

Question 16

Briefly explain the process of digestion in ruminants

Question 17

Draw a labelled diagram of human digestive system.

Question 18

Write about the various steps involved in the process of nutrition.

Match the columns

Match the Columns
Column 1Column 2
1. Froga. Engulfs food by false feet
2. hydrab. catches insect with its tong
3. amoebac. uses tentacles for ingestion of food
4. Spiderd. Uses cilia for ingestion of food
5. Parameciume. Uses proboscis to get food
6. Butterflyf. Lives on liquid food
7. Tearing of meatg milk teeth
8. Teeth that fell off in childrenh. tongue
9. Taste budsi. Mastication
10. Chewing and mixing of foodj. canines

Answer to match the column type Question