NCERT History Class 10 Chapter 1 the Rise of Nationalism in Europe CBSE Board Sample Problems Multiple Choice Question (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Indicate which of the following options is NOT correct.

Napoleon՚s invasions were resented in several countries Due to:

1. Increased taxation

2. Censorship

3. Forced conscription into the French armies

4. Abolishment of the feudal system


Which treaty recognized Greece as an independent nation?

1. Treaty of Constantinople

2. Treaty of Vienna

3. Treaty of Versailles

4. Treaty of Paris


Who was proclaimed the King of United Italy, in 1861?

1. Giuseppe Garibaldi

2. Victor Emmanuel II

3. Giuseppe Mazzini

4. Macedonia


Romanticism refers to a

1. Cultural movement

2. Political movement

3. Literary movement

4. Religious movement


Which was not a quality of Napoleon՚s civil code from following.

1. Right by birth

2. Right to property

3. Right to vote for all

4. Equality before law

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