NCERT Class 4 Social Science Solutions Our Religious Festivals (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Multiple Choices

Q 1. Langar is a …

a. Religion

b. Festival

c. Community Meal

d. Religious place

Answer: c

Q 2. Sam goes to Church on every Sunday. Which of the following is the major festival celebrated by Sam?

a. Diwali

b. Id-ul-Fitr

c. Gurupuravs

d. Christmas

Answer: d

Q 3. Identify the festival. i. This is the Festival of Light ii. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped during this festival.

a. Holi

b. Diwali

c. Durgapuja

d. Makar Sankranti

Answer: b

Q 4. Harvesting festival is also known as …

a. Makar Sankranti

b. Desersa

c. Diwali

d. Holi

Answer: a

Q 5. Mahaveer Jayanti is celebrated on the …

a. Death anniversary of Lord Mahaveera

b. Birth anniversary of Lord Mahaveera

c. Day, Mahaveera achieved enlightenment

d. Death anniversary of Lord Buddha

Answer: b

Match the following

Match Festival with Community
Name of the festivalCelebrated by
Buddha PurnimaBuddhists
Good FridayChristians
Makar SankrantiHindus
Mahaveer JayantiJainas

Short Answer:

Q 1. Name three festivals celebrated by Hindus. Describe one characteristic for each festival.


  • Three festivals celebrated by Hindus are –
    • Diwali, Holi and Makar Sankranti Diwali – It is the festival of light. People worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi during this festival.
    • Holi – It is the festival of colours.
    • People worship Lord Krishna and play with colours.
    • Makar Sankranti – It is a festival celebrated after harvest.
    • Thus, people eat varieties of food items during this festival.

Q 2. Identify the festival shown in the image. Which community celebrates this festival?


  • The festival shown in the image is Christmas.
    • The people belong to Christian community celebrate Christmas on the occasion of birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

3. What is ‘Ramzan’ ?


  • Ramzan is 30 days fasting kept by the people belong to Islam community before celebrating their festival ‘Id-ul-Fitr’ .