NCERT Class 4 Social Science Solutions Southern Plateaus (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Multiple Choices

Q 1. A Plateau is also called a …

a. Arm Chair

b. Table land

c. Uphill

d. Triangle

Answer: b

Q 2. Nagarjuna Sagar dam is located on the river …

a. Mahanadi

b. Godavari

c. Krishna

d. Kaveri

Answer: c

Q 3. Find the odd one out

a. Mahanadi

b. Krishna

c. Kaveri

d. Tapi

Answer: d

Q 4. Which among the following cities is located in the Deccan plateau region?

a. Varanasi

b. Bangalore

c. Kolkata

d. Mumbai

Answer: b

Q 5. Find the correct statement among the following.

a. Only two rivers of the Indian Plateau flow into the Arabian Sea

b. Cotton and oilseed are the main crops grown in Malwa Plateau

c. The rivers flowing to the Bay of Bengal are short flowing.

d. The rivers that originate in the Malwa plateau flow towards north.

Answer: b

Q 6. Which of the following is typical to the Indian plateau region?









Answer: a

Short Answer:

Q 1. Why is the Indian Plateau so important to us?


  • Indian Plateau is important to us due to the following reasons –
    • This area is rich in various minerals such as coal, iron, manganese, mica, etc.
    • This region has fertile black soil which is good for cultivation of cotton, sugarcane, etc.
    • Major portion of the plateau region is covered with thick forests. These forests areas have valuable trees and wildlife resources.

4. Many important rivers flow through the plateau region. These rivers have multi-purpose dams.

Q 2. Name the states where Chotanagpur plateau region is located. Describe the features of this Region.


  • The Chotanagpur plateau falls in the states of Jharkhand, northern Orissa and north eastern Chhattisgarh.
    • This area is rich in various minerals such as coal, iron, manganese, mica, etc.
    • Many iron and steel industries are located in this region due to availability of huge amount of coal and iron.
    • Some of the big sleet plants are located in Jamshedpur, Rourkela and Bokaro
    • The river Damodar flows through the north eastern part of the region.

Q 3. Name two west flowing and two east flowing rivers of Southern Plateau region.


  • West Flowing Rivers –
    • Narmada and
    • Tapi
  • East Flowing Rivers –
    • Krishna and
    • Godavari

Q 4. Most of the rivers in Deccan plateau flow from west to east. Give reason.


  • Most of the rivers in Deccan plateau flow from west to east.
    • The Deccan plateau has slopes from west to east.
    • Hence the rivers flow from west to east.

Q 5. Name the main parts of the Indian plateau region. Name the water body that divides the Southern plateau into two parts.


  • The Southern Plateaus are divided into two parts –
    • The Central Highlands and
    • The Deccan Plateau.
    • The Central Highlands consists of the Malwa plateau and the Chotanagpur plateau.
    • The Central Highlands and the Deccan Plateau are divided by the river Narmada.