NCERT Class 4 Social Science Solutions the Coastal Plains and Islands Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Match the following

Match Port with State Question
List IList II
EnnoreWest Bengal
ParadeepTamil Nadu
Jawaharlal Nehru portGujarat


Match Port with State
List IList II
HaldiaWest Bengal
EnnoreTamil Nadu
Jawaharlal Nehru portMaharashtra

Short Answer:

Q 1. What are Lagoons? In which part of the coastal regions lagoons are found?


  • When the sand bars in the coasts enclose water, they form lakes called lagoons.
    • These lagoons are also called backwaters.
    • Lagoons are found in the Malabar Coast of the Western Coastal Plains.

Q 2. What difference do you observe between the eastern and Western coast of India?


  • Differences between the eastern and Western coastal plains are
    • The Western coastal plain is narrow and the Eastern coastal plain is broad.
    • The rivers on the eastern coastal plain form delta.

Q 3. Name the parts of the eastern Coastal plains and western Coastal Plains. Describe the part where the biggest port of India is located?


  • Parts of the Eastern Coastal Plains are
    • Northern Circars
    • Coromondal Coast
  • Parts of the Western Coastal Plains are
    • Gujarat Coast
    • Konkan Coast
    • Malabar Coast
  • The biggest sea port of India is Mumbai.
    • Mumbai port is located on the Konkan Coast.
    • The Konkan Coast extends from Gujarat coast up to Goa.
    • It is a very narrow plain with rocky uneven surface. Light houses have been built along the coast warning ships for the hidden rock below the water.
    • Light houses are towers in or near the sea sending out beams of light for guiding the ships.
    • Ships from all over the world come to Mumbai.
    • Mumbai High which is famous for oil and natural gas is located off this coast.

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