NCERT Class 4 Social Science Solutions The Northern Plains

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Multiple Choices

Q 1. The rivers Son and Ghagra are tributaries of the river

a. Ganga

b. Brahmaputra

c. Indus

d. Mahanadi

Answer: a

Q 2. Which of the following rivers joins Ganga from its left bank?

a. Chambal

b. Yamuna

c. Son

d. Kosi

Answer: d

Q 3. Which among the following regions is known as the ‘Food Bowl of India’?

a. Northern Plains

b. Northern Mountains

c. Peninsular plateau

d. Coastal Plains

Answer: a

Q 4. Jute is mainly grown in ………………………

a. Assam and Bihar

b. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

c. Bihar and West Bengal

d. Punjab and Haryana

Answer: c

Q 5. The river Brahmaputra is known as ‘Tsangpo’ in ………………………..

a. Upper Assam

b. Arunachal Pradesh

c. Tibet

d. Bangladesh

Answer: c

Short Answer:

Q 1. Northern Plains region is one of the most populous regions of the world. Give reason.


  • The Northern Plains region is one of the most populous regions of the world due to the following reasons.

    • Northern Plains have very fertile land. People engaged in agriculture always search for fertile land

    • This region is flat and ideal for transportation and people prefer to live in such areas.

    • Good amount of rainfall and abundant water supply from the rivers throughout the year are some of the other reasons for high population in the Northern Plains.

Q 2. Name the crop shown in the images. Name the states in which the crop is grown extensively.


  • The crop shown in the image is wheat.

    • It is grown extensively Punjab and Haryana.

    • These two states are known as the ‘wheat basket of India’.

    • Wheat is also grown in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc.

Q 3. What is a delta? Name the delta formed by the river Ganga and Brahmaputra. Why is it famous? Answer:

  • A delta is low lying flat land near the sea where the river deposits its sediment.

    • Here the river is divided into many small streams known as distributaries.

    • The delta formed by Ganga and Brahmaputra is known as Sunderban delta.

    • Sunderban delta is the world’s largest delta.

    • Varieties of plants and animals are found in this area.

    • Sundari trees, the famous mangrove trees and Royal Bengal Tigers are found in Sundarban.

Q 4. Name four major industries set up in the Northern plains. Why do you think northern plains region is an ideal location for setting up industries?


  • Industries like iron and steel, leather, cement, paper, jute, hosiery, etc. have been set up in Northern plains.

    • Northern Plains region is ideal for setting up industries due to the following region

      • This is has fertile soil which help in growing various crops.

      • Hence, this area is ideal for setting up agro based industries such as jute, paper, sugar, cotton, etc.

      • It is easy to construct a large network of roads and railways as the land is flat.

      • Good Transport facilities are essential for establishment of industries.

Q 5. Describe two major problems associated with the Northern Plains.


  • Two problems associated with the Northern Plains are

    • There is very heavy rainfall in this region.

    • The river overflows its bank every summer causing floods.

    • The industries around the river Ganga are polluting the environment.

    • The industries release industrial wastes into the river making the mighty river polluted.

Colour and label the Northern Plain region in the following map

Nothern plains

Nothern Plains

Nothern plains

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