NCERT Class 4 Social Science Solutions The Thoughts that Make us Better Human Being

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Multiple Choices

Q 1. Buddhism was propagated by ……………………………….

a. Lord Mahavira

b. Guru Nanak

c. Gautam Buddha

d. Ashoka

Answer: c

Q 2. Srimad Bhagvat Gita is an important religious book of ………………………..

a. Hinduism

b. Buddhism

c. Sikhism

d. Islam

Answer: a

Q 3. Identify the personality.

i. He was a king who gave up war

ii. He was a follower of Lord Buddha

a. Akbar

b. Krishna Deva Raya

c. Ashoka

d. All of them

Answer: c

Q 4. Zend Avesta is the holy book of………………………………

a. Christianity

b. Buddhism

c. Jainism

d. Zorastrianism

Answer: d

Q 5. Who among the following fought against evil practices such as ‘Sati’, child marriage and caste system? a. Ramabai Ranade

b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

c. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

d. Sant Kabir

Answer: b

Short Answer:

Q 1. Name two great astronomers from India.


Aryabhatta and Varahamihira were two great austronomers

Q 2. Who is this person shown in the image? How is he famous?


  • The person shown in the image is A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

    • He was the former president of India and was a great scientist.

    • He played a major role in developing India’s capabilities in space programs and missiles.

Q 3. Who was the founder of Jainism? How are the teachings of Jainism similar to that of Buddhism?


  • Lord Mahavira was the founder of Jainism.

    • Both Jainism and Buddhism emphasized on right faith, right conduct, right knowledge and nonviolence.

    • Both Jainism and Buddhism teach people to love everyone including animals.

    • Both the religion teaches the followers all the paths for becoming a better human being.

Q 4. Why Akbar is considered the greatest Mughal Emperor?


  • Akbar is considered as the greatest Mughal Emperor.

    • Though his empire was not as large as Aurangzeb, he is considered the greatest Mughal emperor because he was a one of the best rulers.

    • Akbar respected people from all the religions.

    • Hence, people lived in peace and comfort during his reign.

    • Art, music and literature were encouraged during his period.

    • He had nine famous personalities in his court known as ‘Navratnas’.

    • Birbal and Tansen were among them.

Q 5. Name two notable social reformers of our country. In what ways did they contribute to the Indian society?


  • Two notable social reformers were

    • Sir Syed Ahmad Khan – the Muslim reformer emphasized on education to bring changes in society.

      • He founded a college in Aligarh which later became the Aligarh Muslim University.

      • He also tried to improve the status of women in the society.

    • Ramabai Ranade or Pandita Ramabai - She spent her entire life to educate women in Maharashtra.

      • She started Poona Sewa Sadan to help women and children.