Social Science Major Test 04 7thWith Answer and Solution Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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34. Write a short note on Ahom՚s.

Ans. The Ahom՚s –

  • The Ahom՚s ruled the present day, Assam for about 600 years, from 1228 to 1826.
  • The Ahom՚s migrated to the Brahmaputra valley in about the thirteenth Century from the present-day Myanmar.
  • Sukapha was the first Ahom king who established a small kingdom in Assam in A. D. 1228.
  • The Ahom՚s subjected some tribes and expanded their territory.
  • During wars, they served in the army.
  • But in peace time, they were engaged in useful works like building dams, laying irrigation schemes and doing other public works of utility.
  • It were the Ahom՚s who introduced new methods of rice growing.
  • The Ahom՚s state depended upon forced labour. Those were forced to work for the states were called ‘paiks.’
  • Ahom Society was divided into clans on Khels.
  • One of the greatest achievements of the Ahom rulers was to stem the tide of the Mughal expansion.
  • The Mughals made repeated attempts to conquer Assam but without any success.
  • At last in 1661 Aurangzeb deputed Mir Jumla to conquer Assam.
  • In 1662 the Mughal army under Mir Jumla defeated the Ahom՚s.
  • The Ahom՚s followed their traditional religion and spoke the Tai Language.
  • With the passage of time they adopted the Assamese Language and were converted to Hinduism.
  • During the reign of the Ahom king Sib Singh (1714 - 1744) Hinduism became the predominant religion.
  • Historical works, known as Buranjis were also written - first in Ahom language and then in Assamese.


35. On a map of India mark the following –

(a) Kandla

(b) Haldia

(c) Tuticorin

(d) Kochi

(e) Vishakhapatnam


Map of India
Map of India

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