Social Science Class 7 Important Higher Questions and Answers Part 7 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Given questions are based on matching the columns. Each question has 4 choices (1) , (2) , (3) and (4) out of which only one is correct.

Given Questions Are Based on Matching the Columns. Each Question Has 4 Choices (1) , (2) , (3) and (4) Out of Which Only One is Correct
(A)Barometer(p)Measures pressure
(B)Thermometer(q)Measures temperature
(C)Wind vane(r)Shows direction of wind
(D)Anemometer(s)Determiner wind speed

Question No. 92

Option A matches with

1. p

2. q

3. r

4. s

Question No. 93

Option B matches with

1. p

2. q

3. r

4. s

Question No. 94

Option C matches with

1. p

2. q

3. r

4. s

Question No. 95

Option D matches with

A. p

B. q

C. r

D. s

Question No. 96

Study of coins is called

A. Numismatics

B. Bibliography

C. Coinage

D. None of these

Question No. 97

Which among the following Sultans belonged to Slave dynasty?

A. Raziya Sultan

B. Shains-ud-din

C. Qutub-ud din Aibak

D. Nasir-ud-dn-Mahmud

Question No. 98

The third volume of Ain-i-Akbari gives information about ________

A. Administrative System

B. Legal System

C. Revenue System

D. None of these

Question No. 99

Who among the following was/were the Navratna (s) of Akbar՚s Court?

A. Birbal

B. Tans en

C. Abul Fazal

D. Daswant

Question No. 100

Primary, local and seasonal are types of

A. Winds

B. Solar Cells

C. Climate

D. None of these

Question No. 86

The top of the volcano has a cup-shaped or funnel shaped depression which is known as

A. Crater

B. Lava

C. Side vent

D. Ash

Question No. 87

Who completed Akbar՚s tomb?

A. Jahangir

B. Akbar

C. Shah Jahan

D. None of these

Question No. 88

Which of the following 2 volcano are the one that has no record of eruption and no possibility of eruption in future?

A. Active volcano

B. Dormant volcano

C. Extinct volcano

D. Both (A) and (B)

Question No. 89

Which of the following 2 landform is known as river of ice?

A. Glacier

B. U-shaped Valley

C. Moraine s

D. All of the above

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