Social Science Class 7 Important Higher Questions and Answers Part 9 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question No. 88

We divide the healthcare facilities into

1. Public

2. Private

3. Both (1) and (2)

4. None of these

Question No. 89

Costa Rica conies under

A. South America

B. North America

C. South Africa

D. North Africa

Read the following statements and mark your answer as true or false:

Abdul Razzaq was the ambassador of Shah Rukh, the Timurid dynasty ruler of Persia to Kozhikode, India, from January 1442 to January 1445. He wrote a 45-page narrative of this mission to India.

In Maharashtra among the public in general and the devotees of the God Vitthala in particular, there is current one story which says that once Ramaraya, the king of Vijayanagara came to Pandharapur to have darshan of Vitthala. At that time he was so much pleased with the darshana that he entreated the God to accompany him to Vijayanagara. The God having acceded to his wish on certain conditions, Ramaraya managed to carry the Vitthala image to his capital and there installed it in a temple specially built for the purpose.

Question No. 90

Abdul Razzaq was the ambassador of the Persian king at the court of Zamorin



Question No. 91

The construction of Vitthala Temple was started by King Krishnadev Raya



Given questions are based on matching the columns. Each question has 4 choices (1) , (2) , (3) and (4) out of which only one is correct.

Given Questions Are Based on Matching the Columns. Each Question Has 4 Choices (1) , (2) , (3) and (4) Out of Which Only One is Correct
(A)Located at Coromandel


(C)Hampi(r)Fortified City
(D)West coasts(s)Surat

Question No. 92

Option A matches with

A. p

B. q

C. r

D. s

Question No. 93

Option B matches with

A. p

B. q

C. r

D. s

Question No. 94

Option C matches with

A. p

B. q

C. r

D. s

Question No. 95

Option D matches with

A. p

B. q

C. r

D. s

Question No. 96

It is a type of volcano

A. Dormant

B. Extinct

C. Vulnerable

D. Endangered

Question No. 97

Which of the following landform is made by waves?

A. Caves

B. Stacks

C. Wave cut platform

D. Lagoons

Question No. 98

Why do we pay taxes to the Government?

A. For the benefit of all the citizens

B. This money is used for relief and rehabilitation in case of natural disaster

C. This money is used for government officials

D. None of these

Question No. 99

The health service is called public because

A. According to our Constitution, it is the primary duty of the government to ensure the welfare of the people and provide healthcare facilities to all.

B. The government must safeguard the right to life of every person.

C. The court said it is the duty of the Government to provide the necessary health services, including treatment in emergency situations.

D. None of these.

Question No. 100

It means our ability to remain free of illness and injuries.

A. Wealth

B. Health

C. Money

D. Family

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