Video Lectures and Visual Learning: Introduction, Strengths of Visual Learners, Visual Learning Strategies for Teachers (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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  • The focus of visual learning is on what one can see.
  • Visual learning explores the learning process making it more attractive and innovative for the learners.
  • Parts of visual learning:
    • Anything that is looked at
    • Watched
  • Nearly 65 % of the people are visual learners.

Strengths of Visual Learners

Strengths of Visual Learners

Teachers Can Use Visual Learning Strategies

  • Images, diagrams, and videos can be used.
  • Whenever there is any group project, visual learners can be grouped which in turn can help in harnessing their strengths.
  • Using colours into presentations and assignment.
  • Reflection time should be allowed so that learners can visualize their work.
  • Written instructions should be given for assignments.
  • Ample time should be given for reading which will allow the learners to study things in a better way.
  • Written feedback should be provided on assignments.


  • Involves vast concepts that needs to be covered before sitting in exams such as JEE or NEET.
  • Visual learning helps in enhancing ones grasp on the concepts.
  • The explanation of concepts through animations and graphical presentations is very helpful.


  • Learning concepts through video presentations makes the concept flow into one՚s mind.
  • The concepts can be retained for a long time through visual presentations.
  • Also, the important lectures can be shared and saved in the playlist for future references.

Graphic Organizers Improves Student Performance

Graphic Organizers Improves Student Performance

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