Taxonomy: Necessity of Classification, Plant Taxonomy, Identification, Classification, Animal Taxonomy (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Necessity of Classification

  • One can learn scientifically with less labour and time about the plants and animals.
  • Unfamiliar organism can easily be marked and identified.
  • One can easily get an idea about the features of that particular organism about whom the classification and identification characters of the taxa have been known.

Classification of Cockroach

Classification of Cockroach
OrderDicttyoptera in Europe and Britain and Orthoptera in America.
SpeciesP. americana

Plant Taxonomy

  • It is the science that finds, identifies, describes, classifies, and names plants.
  • It further involves relationships between plants and their evolution.
  • This taxonomy is well known for being turbulent.

Plant Identification

  • It is the determination of the identity of an unknown plant.
  • The unknown plant is compared with previously collected specimens or with the aid of books or identification manuals.
  • The specimen gets connected with the published name.
  • The name and properties of a plant can be known once a plant specimen has been identified.

Plant Classification

Placing of known plants into groups or categories to show some relationship.

Taking the example of lilies.

Identification, Classification and Description of Plants
Genus:Pine, Wattles, Milkvetch, Dandelion, etc.
SpeciesCommon water Hyacinth, Yellow star-thistle, etc.

Animal Taxonomy

Classification of Animals

Classification of Animals

Identifying Characteristics and Example

Identifying Characteristics and Example
Phylum - Sarcomastigophorea Kingdom - ProtistaAmoeba
Phylum - CnidariaHydra, Spongilla
Phylum PlatyhelminthesTape Worm, Liver fluke
Phylum NematodaAscaris lumbricoides
Phylum AnnelidaLeech
Phylum ArthropodaCockroach, Butterfly
Phylum MolluscaPila globosa
Phylum EchinodermataStarfish, Octopus
Phylum ChordataToad, Crocodile

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