Plastic Pollution, Structure of Plastics, Recycling of Plastic, Effects of Plastics (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Plastic Waste Management

There are primarily three ways of managing the plastics:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
Plastic Waste Management


This refers to the reduction or decreased consumptions of plastic artifacts.

  • We can reduce the use of plastic bags and carry jute bags and paper bags to carry items from the market.
  • We can reduce the use of plastic containers for storing food and other items and use more durable materials like metal.
  • We can avoid using takeaway food containers.
Plastic Bags


We can use discarded bottles and jars to store food items and water.

Plastic Bags Whenever Possible
  • We can reuse the plastic bags whenever possible, keeping safety and hygiene in mind.
  • We can use broken artifacts and create something new with our own creativity, for e. g. , discarded water bottles can be used as containers as shown in the figure below.
The Old Plastic Chairs and Jars


  • We can give the old plastic chairs and jars for a recycle and support the cause by using recycled items.
  • We can try using recyclable plastic bags whenever possible.


What Are the Alternatives to Single-Use or Throwaway Plastics?


  • To truly tackle the plastics epidemic, companies need to fundamentally rethink how they bring products to people. That could include refill and reuse systems, plastic-free packaging, a combination of approaches or totally new delivery and provisioning systems but the time has come to stop using throwaway plastic for good.
  • There are plastic alternatives that are becoming more prevalent around the world, but to bring about change at the scale needed, corporations are going to have to innovate as only they can afford to do.

Does Plastic Ever Biodegrade?


  • It depends on the plastic, but most petroleum plastic does not biodegrade it just fragments. Many bioplastics only biodegrade under very controlled conditions, and very poorly or not at all in the sea.
  • Plastics fragment into tiny pieces of microplastic, which is often ingested by marine life before entering our food supply chain. We will never be able to recycle or even compost our way out of this mess it՚s time to stop producing throwaway plastics.

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