Potable Water, Methods to Make Potable Water, Facts About Water, Conservation (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Potable Water

  • Potable water is the water which is filtered and treated properly and is finally free from all the contaminants and harmful bacteria.
  • This purified water is fit to drink, or it can be called ‘drinking water’ after the purification processes and is safe for both cooking and drinking. Water is purified by various processes, some of these are by using UV filtered water purifier, by reverse osmosis, etc.
Potable Water

Methods to Make Potable Water

There are various methods through which normal water can be converted to potable water or drinking water


Filtration is very helpful in purifying water. Basically, there are two types of filters that can be found on the market. Some are those which rely on carbon filters and remove the bacteria and others are those which use chemicals like iodine for the treatment of water. Filters are very heavy and require frequent replacement and are also very expensive.

Filtration is Very Helpful in Purifying Water


Distillation of water involves boiling water and collecting the vapor and leaving the bacteria and contaminants behind. Distilled water is one of the purest forms of water, 98 % of the contaminants are removed from the home distillation system and it gives water which is purer than that from filters.

Distillation of Water


The easiest way to purify water is boiling. It neutralizes a majority of viruses and bacteria in the supply but it cannot remove all the heavy contaminants.

The Easiest Way to Purify Water is Boiling
  • There are various health problems which are caused if we consume non-potable water, these problems can be reproductive problems, gastrointestinal issues, etc.
  • If the amount of lead content in water rises above a certain level, then it can cause various complications especially to the young ones and the pregnant women.

Water for All - Importance of Water

Water is one of the most important resources gifted to us after air. It forms the basis of life for every living organism on earth. Life without water is unimaginable and impossible. This is the sole reason why finding traces or signs of water is an important criterion of planetary exploration. Life on earth probably would not have even begun if not for water.

Facts About Water

  • World water day is celebrated on 22nd March every year
  • Earth consists of 78 % water, rest constitutes for land
  • 60 % of your body is made up of water on an average, Jellyfish has over 95 %
  • 97 % of water on earth is salt water
  • 0.01 % of the water available is fresh water (drinkable/potable)
  • More than 69 % of freshwater is trapped in glaciers

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