is Less Acidic Than . Give Reason: Acids and Bases (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Acids and Bases

  • Acids and bases are popular chemicals which interact with each other resulting in the formation of salt and water.
  • The word acid comes from a Latin word acere which means sour
  • The orange or grapefruit juice you drink for breakfast contains citric acid (also known as Vitamin C) .
  • When milk turns sour, it contains lactic acid.

Properties of Acids

  • Acids are corrosive in nature.
  • They are good conductors of electricity.
  • Their pH values are always less than 7.
  • When reacted with metals, these substances produce hydrogen gas.
  • Acids are sour-tasting substances.
  • Examples: Sulfuric acid [] , Hydrochloric acid [] , Acetic acid [] .

Properties of Bases

  • They are found to have a soapy texture when touched.
  • These substances release hydroxide ions (OH – ions) when dissolved in water.
  • In their aqueous solutions, bases act as good conductors of electricity.
  • The pH values corresponding to bases are always greater than 7.
  • Bases are bitter-tasting substances which can turn red litmus paper blue.
  • Examples: Sodium hydroxide [] , milk of magnesia , calcium hydroxide

is Less Acidic Than

  • is less acidic than because on moving down the group the size of the atom increases and ionization enthalpy decreases.
  • Te has larger radius than S.
  • On moving down, the oxygen family, the acidic nature of hydride increases due to weak bonds and stability of the conjugate base.
  • On moving down, the oxygen family the size increases due to the addition of a new shell.
  • This helps to dissociate the bond easily.
  • So, taking the case of and hence the removal of a hydrogen ion from this compound becomes easy and acidity is higher due to this.
  • But in case of H2S the bond dissociation is less and hence acidity is lower.
  • So is thus less acidic than

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